what to expect during your session

[ thank you for allowing me to tell your story in a beautiful and timeless way ]

Whether you’re getting ready to graduate, have found that special someone, or are starting a family, your now is a unique, moment worth remembering! I am SO excited and grateful that you would choose to allow me the privilege of capturing your journey, so let me tell about how things work around here.

[ Before you book ]

If you haven’t already done so, take a look around my website, Facebook page, or Instagram feed to get a feel for my style and the type of images that make my heart happy As an artist, I truly want my images to speak for themselves. Do they make you smile? Do they make you feel warm and fuzzyinside? Do you wish you had images like these of your family? If so, then let’s do it! Have any questions?  Then please, click Contact me so that we can chat 

My session has been booked.  How do I prepare for it?

I consider my clients friends and it all starts right here by getting to know each other better in real life (aka outside of social media)! I do my best to meet with clients before their session – preferably in person, but Skype or phone calls are options as well! I want to get to know you and your family, your style and preferences, and your wants/needs/desires for displaying your priceless memories!

By getting to know you and what you plan to do with your images (Wall Collections, Albums, etc.), I can provide you with location suggestions and tailored, relevant wardrobe assistance. Does it really matter what we wear? Can’t we all just wear jeans and matching shirts? Yes it matters, so please don’t all wear the same thing! Flattering, cohesive clothing choices will help you to be confident and relaxed during your portrait session, enabling your personalities and connections to shine through, so that I can deliver beautiful and timeless memories for your family.

[ during your session ]

In order to capture my clients in a natural and authentic way, I keep my sessions very relaxed, playful, and perhaps a little goofy. Your job during your session – RELAX, be yourself, love on your family (if applicable), and just let me do my job! I’m used to crazy kids, folks who don’t enjoy having their pictures taken (that includes my husband, so I’m used to it), etc.

what can I expect during my session?

Seniors – Expect to laugh, be serious (because that always makes you laugh), and tell me about your vision for your future.

Couples (yes Moms & Dads that includes you) – Expect to connect with your loved one! Things like holding hands, sweet embraces, and playful banter are to be expected - we want your love to shine through!!

Families with Young Children – Come ready to love on and play with your children! Feel free to bring a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or book to capture their little personalities.

[ after your session ]

My friend, when your session is done, I’ll give you a big hug, say Thank You!

when do I receive my images?

The countdown begins! I hope you are super excited to see your images, as I truly can’t wait for you to see them! It takes approximately 7-14 days for me to perfect your images. .

how do i view my images?

Now here is where I might do things a little differently than what you’re used to...I am passionate about the fact that my job as your photographer doesn’t stop at showing you the finished images – that is actually where it starts! So, instead of just sending you a link and hoping to hear some feedback (90% of the time it is just crickets), I’m going to invite you into my home for a viewing appointment. We’ll have some snacks and share the excitement of seeing your beautiful, timeless memories.

what if I want to order prints or a canvas for my home?

We’ve seen the images, now what? You’ll have the opportunity to choose your package and I’ll help you see what your images will look like on YOUR wall or in books/albums -based on the information you gave me in your pre-session consultation. No high pressure sales – I am just showing you what you already said you wanted, so that instead of letting your images sit on your computer, they actual get on to your walls and into your hands to enjoy! Since you’ll be prepared to make your selections, we can get everything ordered, delivered, and on your walls within 3-4 weeks of your session! What a joy it will be for you to look around your home and smile- with heart overflowing - at the beautiful blessings in your life.

I love my images! Where do I write a review?

Did you enjoy your experience with Erin Krizo | Photography and Films? Did you love your images, wall art, albums, etc.? If so, would you please take a minute to tell someone? Facebook/Website Review/Testimonials and referrals truly make a HUGE difference in my business!  Thank you for considering