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[ Lifestyle Photography + Documentary Videography ]

= Life in Motion Documentary Films for your Family

Do you remember those fun home video tapes from when you were little? You know, the ones where you’re heading out for your first day at school, doing some crazy dance moves, jumping on the bed, or maybe opening presents on Christmas morning? Have you ever watched them with your parents and noticed how they savor all the little details –how tiny (or chubby) you were, your little kid voice, crazy hair, etc.? Well, as the current generation with children at home, it is our turn to capture those moments and I’ve decided that it is time for us to give home videos a makeover....

While I LOVE photography, there is just something about relationships, children, families, and the true essence of “home” that still photography can’t fully capture... The passage of time, movement, voices, and music evoke emotion and kindle memories – like your own personal time capsule that will allow you to truly“Remember when the kids were little...”for years to come.

Would you let me build that time capsule for you??

These are perfect for capturing things like your favorite everyday activities at home (reading books, painting, building, playing, cooking, etc.), fun adventures (a hike, a trip to the carnival, etc.), special traditions (pumpkin patch, apple orchard, strawberry picking, Christmas tree cutting/decorating), bringing a new baby home, and so on!!! The sky is truly the limit. If you look at our video below and say “Hey, I want one!!”, then don’t wait –let’s do it! Life in Motion.  So, don’t wait! Checkout my personal family film below and then click “LET’S TALK!” at the top of the page.

I would love to make a Life In Motion Documentary Family Film for you!!! 

Life in Motion – Documentary

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• 2 hours of lifestyle photography/videography with me

• 2-5 minute professional edited film built around your family

minimum of 15 still images