Snow fun & Warm Treats – Happy New Year!

“Forever is composed of nows.” – Emily Dickinson  What do you keep telling yourself you’ll do tomorrow? Sometimes, my list includes getting out and playing with my kiddos, so yesterday we enjoyed the beautiful snow together!! No more excuses – let’s just go do those “tomorrow” things now!! 

As we enter this new year, I want to challenge and encourage you, friend, to do those things you’ve been putting off. Love on and be present with your friends and family, be quick to capture memories (photos & videos  ), say “I love you” often, and to be quick to say “I’m sorry.” Each moment/day/year is a gift and we want to live our lives without regrets. 💕

🎉Happy New Year Friends! 🎉

I love you all and Erin Krizo Photography wouldn’t exist with you! 😘